About Death By Neon

A few lines about me while you enjoy "The Shining's" carpet design


Matt Jantzen was born in 1981 in Geneva, Switzerland. He started composing film music in 2006 and now has a total of around 80 full features films, short movies, documentaries and advertising since his first score for "La Vraie Vie d'Arthur" (which he co-composed with fellow composer and famous Swiss pianist Eric Bakhch-Pour). He scored his first made for a TV film in 2007, "The Cure" from Danny Cannon (director of Judge Dredd) and his first full feature film was "Born of Earth" starring Brad Dourif in 2008. He then continued to score short movies the following years. Many of his short movies scores, including "The Last Rung on the Ladder", "Abyss", "She", "The Wound", "Picturesque", "The Remains of Clayton Lake" and "Death Crocodile", were well received from the public, movie critics and in film festivals.

Among his next compositions one can find the score for a documentary on the "Saw" franchise for Lionsgate Films, the acclaimed short films "Sundays" and "Fuoco" and in 2013 he scored a few segments from the comedy anthology "Movie 43" starring Hugh Jackman, Dennis Quaid, Chris Pratt, Hale Berry, Chloë Grace Moretz and Richard Gere that directly lead him to return scoring full feature horror film such as "After Midnight", "The Blackout", the TV movie "Demon Legacy" and the acclaimed crime drama "Savior of None" in 2014.

Then Matt scored several feature films as "No Solicitors" starring Eric Roberts, "The Encounter", "Edgar Allan Poe's Lighthouse Keeper", "Residue", "Havana Darkness", "Hitchhiker Massacre", "Ravers", "This Old Machine" starring Lance Henriksen, "Freshwater", "Exit 18" and some additional music works for "13 Eerie", "Sorority Party Massacre" and more recently the theatrical release "Distorted" starring Christina Ricci and John Cusack. He also provided some atmospheric drone music to the popular Netflix TV Show "Black Summer".

Among his latest work one can find the scores to the horror film "It Hungers", the monster movies "Abominable" and "Amityville Island", the critically acclaimed horror / thriller "Red Handed" starring Michael Biehn, segments from the horror anthology "Horror Nights", an unused score for the action / horror movie "Shadow in the Cloud" starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Horror Shark (aka Blood Bite), his first Chinese movie.

His current scoring projects are for "Monstrous: Interview with a Killer" and "Air Disturbance".

He is also on a solo synthwave project, under the handle Death By Neon, and currently has five published albums, with a sixth one in the making, in collaboration with UK synthwave artist Jetfire Prime for a fake movie soundtrack album.

Matt Jantzen also signed with Howlin' Wolf Records for an upcoming double feature score release on CD, which will be his first published scores. Titles will be revealed as soon as possible in the news section and in the scores and albums section as well. He also co-produced, along with his pal Wall Crumpler, the Howlin' Wolf Records soundtrack album to "Storm Warning" & "Crawlspace" composed by Jamie Blanks in 2021.